Keith Field Goldsmith

For A Life Worth Celebrating

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There are lots of places to buy jewelry, but Keith Field Goldsmith is the place where you will find your jeweler. Connection to our customer is the driving force behind every decision we make - we are the masters of the long term relationship.
— Keith Field

To that end, we build our relationship with you on the foundations our family established when they began in the jewelry industry five generations ago: We promise honesty. We promise trustworthiness. We promise quality.

The family jewelry legacy speaks to how we got here; it has been both purpose and passion for the members of our family for a century. But it is our uncompromising standards today that set us apart.

If you are searching for a piece of jewelry that takes your breath away, you will find it in our curated collection - whether it is from the superior selections we source from around the world or one of the signature pieces we have made by hand. If you are longing to see your legacy revived through a piece of honored jewelry, we will restore it to its original glory as if it were our own.

As an independent jeweler, this is not just a job for us, it defines who we are. We are trained and credentialed goldsmiths and gemologists. We are passionate people doing what we love, and there is nothing we would rather be doing.