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Keith Field, Owner/Designer, Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America

Living on the coast of Maine is a substantial part of who Keith is, both professionally and personally. His passion for the ocean informs the clean and peaceful approach evident in his jewelry, and his commitment to his community drives him to continually find ways to initiate positive change. Anyone who spends time with Keith knows him as a creative thinker and dedicated problem solver, paying close attention to the needs of others in his small community and coming up with ways to make individual lives better. When he’s not at the store, Keith enjoys spending time with his wife Hope, embracing everyday wonders with his young grandchildren, and exploring Casco Bay with his Maine-made Echo rowing shell.

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Hannah Field Simmler, Fine Jewelry Appraiser, Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America

As the appraiser and gemologist for Keith Field Goldsmith, Hannah has an eye for perfection and a passion for the unique story behind every piece. Confident and driven, Hannah approaches decisions with time, thoughtfulness and precision. Being a fifth generation jeweler, it is not surprising that Hannah resists stagnancy with an abiding focus on what is next to come. Where her past endeavors included travel to Africa and Southeastern Europe, Hanahs recent exploits are closer to home - running Maine marathons, indulging her love for organ concerts, and discovering beaches, parks, and museums with her husband Erik and their three young children. Email:

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Andrew Brunner, Custom Jewelry Consultant, Applied Jewelry Professional, Gemological Institute of America

Andrew’s role at Keith Field Goldsmith plays to one of his greatest strengths: connecting to people in an authentic, informed and meaningful way. Analytical and motivated, Andrew educates himself tirelessly about every gemstone, material and designer we carry. Dedication, precision and rapport with others are consistent attributes for Andrew outside of work as well, namely as a French Horn player in the Harpswell Concert Band. As parents of four children under the age of eight, Andrew and his wife Sarah have no problem staying busy between sports, school activities, community events and backyard barbecues and bonfires with friends. Email:

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Joshua Whitney, Fine Jewelry Consultant

Josh is an ideal person to work in an industry that inspires joy and intrigue, because he himself is one of the most whimsical and personal people we know. Josh has a true talent for ensuring others are happy and enjoying themselves, whether that’s in our shop or out in the community as a mentor and youth group leader. With a mind that loves order but a personalty that loves discovery, it’s no surprise that Josh thrives in handling the specific and personal needs of our clientele. When Josh isn’t at the shop putting a smile on all our faces, he and his wife Sarah like to spend time at the local parks where they stay amused themselves by their fur baby, Luna. Email:

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