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Fine Jewelry Appraisal and Consultation

We understand that your fine jewelry appraisal needs are personal and specific. We provide appraisals for various intended uses and market levels. Only after a consultation do we determine the appropriate document for your needs. Typical appraisals include:

Market Level: Retail Replacement - Most Often for Insurance

Keeping a current appraisal on file with your insurance copany offers you confidence that repairs or replacements of your beloved pieces will be covered in the case of loss or damage. Most insurance companies require these be filed by a reputable and experienced source every five years, and for claims on items with a replacement value exceeding a predefined sum. Your insurance company can confirm their specific requirements.

Market Level: Fair Market Value - Most Often for Estate Settlement

Where a replacement appraisal is best for incidents of loss or damage, a fair market value appraisal is generally for legal purposes or to provide peace of mind when assets are being split between parties.

Consultation to sell an item

Consultation to sell an item is different than an appraisal. We provide a free consultation to determine the appropriate avenue to sell your piece, be it through direct purchase at our shop or at auction, depending on the specifics of the piece and your preferred timeline.

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Hannah Field Simmler, our fine jewelry appraiser, has been active in the jewelry industry since 2001. Her experience with fine jewelry includes repair and liquidation consultation, appraisal transcription, gemstone identification, manufacturing and inventory purchasing. Hannah has her Graduate Gemologist and Graduate Pearls Diplomas from the Gemological Institute of America.

Our full lab is portable and we can travel for a consultation at your bank or house. Additional fees apply.

All appraisals include:

  • Recommendations for any urgent repairs or lab reports done prior to having the appraisal completed.

  • Two original signed copies of the written appraisal.

Appraisal Consultations

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